At Twin Cities Ministries (TCM) we believe that it is the responsibility of the church and its ministries to reach out to individuals among us who are working their way out of a lives of addiction, crime and incarceration. We believe that the church community must introduce these individuals to the saving grace of Christ and teach them how to successfully walk in Jesus Christ.

To this end, TCM is developing a comprehensive approach to support these individuals that we believe will help to provide them with the long-term support and community they need to follow Jesus long-term. 

We understand that Jesus came to save the lost, preach the Good News to the poor, proclaim liberty to the captives and those who are oppressed. This is the mission TCM strives to continue.

We pursue this mission in the following ways:

  • Preach and live the gospel of Jesus Christ in jails, prisons, halfway houses, transitional homes, and to anyone in the context of these environments.
  • Equip and model the lifestyle of following Christ through Bible study and classes, mentoring, and engagement with local churches.
  • Provide transitional assistance for the critical period between incarceration and being a faithful follower of Jesus in the world.
  • Networking with local churches to provide a broad base of support; including mentors, financial assistance, volunteers, and the long-term community needed for growth.
  • Partnering with existing organizations to help and continue the work already in place.


The gospel gives freedom!


Jesus commands the church to be zealous for good deeds and to be fruitful in addressing needs around us (Titus 3:1-14). One of the most pressing needs of our time is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to those enslaved to addictions that destroy themselves, their families, and the world around them through crime and violence.


  • One out of every 15 Americans will serve prison time in their lifetime.
  • The US has 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoners.
  • Ninety-three percent of incarcerated persons are male.
  • As of February 2009, 1.7 million children in the US had an incarcerated parent.
  • Sixty percent of rapists, 72% of adolescent murderers, and 70% of long-term prison inmates come from fatherless homes.
  • Child neglect and abuse increased by 500% from 1976 to the early 1990’s.
  • Severe violence towards children was 71% higher by single mothers than mothers in dual parent households.
  • From 1960 to 1992 juvenile violent crime increased by 600%.

Twin Cities Ministries is an effort of local churches in the Twin Cities to advance the gospel where it is most urgent. TCM’s corrections, transitions, and addictions ministries works to lift people out of abuse and crime and make them fruitful disciples of Jesus, building the kingdom of God in a world they used to destroy.